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ZUG 2018

18 September 2018

A 3-hour showcase of "Innovate 4 Water" marketplace forum during the Zug Impact Summit 2018



For the 3rd consecutive year, the Zug Impact Summit gathered inspirational speakers, world-class educators and practical showcases of impact investment solutions. EARTH & FINANCE was SIIA’s theme this year, looked for ways to improve the livelihoods of people and conserve our precious planetary resources. On 17 - 18 September 2018, a unique mix of entrepreneurs, investors, and thought-leaders shared their views and investment strategies about Earth & Finance.

This event leveraged the joint experience of SIIA in Impact Investing and of Waterpreneurs with its series “Innovate 4 Water”.​

Zug City Impact Summit.png


On 18 September afternoon, “Innovate 4 Water” in Zug brought together selected stakeholders (entrepreneurs, investors, large and small companies, non-governmental organizations) that are contributing toward the achievement of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: Clean water and sanitation for all people.


​The format of the event was an afternoon marketplace forum. The setup was dynamic enough to foster meaningful interactions between participants. There was mainly short pitches and networking discussions.​


This wide range of diverse entrepreneurs presented business opportunities in decentralised water kiosks, aquaculture ventures, sanitation businesses, desalination projects and ocean cleaning initiative

Marketplace Geneva - credit OMPI0908.jpg


​The “Innovate 4 Water” forum is a concept curated for the following reasons:

  • To match-make all water stakeholders (water entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, NGOs, Donor agencies)

  • To foster development & and innovation in water technology & engineering

  • To promote business models that will help deliver on the vision of sanitation, hygiene and water for all in west Africa


You can access the presentations by clicking on the logos displayed below.

Logo - Aqua Root.png
Aqua for All.png
Logo - AAWS.jpeg
Logo - City Taps.png
Logo - Solar Water Solutions.png
Logo - CUBO.png
Logo - Hydromea.png
Logo - Swiss Fresh Water.png
Logo - Smart Centres.png
Logo - SunWaterLife.png
Logo - Swiss Bluetec Bridge.png
Logo - Untapped.png
Logo - ViaMarina.jpeg
Logo - WATA.jpg
Logo - Weconnex.png
Logo - Water Alternative International.p



SIIA is a non-profit organisation in Zug, Switzerland, that promotes investments for a better world, aiming to bridge impact with finance, through conferences and networking events. SIIA envisions a future where investors select investments not only on the basis of return and risk but also by their impact on societies.

waterpreneurs_logoStack-fond blancHD.png

Based in Switzerland, Waterpreneurs is a global for-impact organisation  supporting the scaling-up of impact investments financing the growth of “water nexus” businesses. Waterpreneurs mobilises versatile expertise and a global network of key stakeholders, locally, around the 5 continents.

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