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A unique marketplace for sustainable development in the water sector.

I4W current focus

Innovate 4 Water collaborates with academic partners to accelerate the deployment of sustainable development solutions in water-related sectors

I4W Services 

Training on the  I4W Methodology 
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Innovate 4 Water offers academic institutions a dynamic 'Learning by Doing' methodology that transcends traditional education models. Through an emphasis on hands-on projects, real-world scenarios, and collaborative problem-solving, Innovate 4 Water fosters critical thinking, interdisciplinary understanding, and a spirit of innovation among students. This approach ensures ecosystem growth and student development to establish your institution as a key player in sustainable development.

Training on the

I4W Methodology 

Organisation of  I4W Marketplaces
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I4W offers an all-inclusive turnkey organisation of an in person, face to face marketplace, that follows the "Innovate 4 Water" Methodology. Our services begin with the organisation and set up of the marketplace, including the setting up and running of the technical and logistical aspects of the event and our services continue throughout the operation where our experienced staff offers support to ensure that the marketplace runs smoothly and efficiently right down to the last detail.

Organisation of

I4W Marketplaces

Matchmaking investors with solution providers
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In addition to training for or setting up a marketplace to showcase innovation, we also provide support in evaluating both the entrepreneurs and investors. This allows us to positively identify and match innovation with finance. We also use our vast and developed network to set up contacts and provide support throughout discussions and negotiations. All interactions are protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements to maintain confidentiality.

Matchmaking investors with solution providers

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