River Basin Initiatives



"Innovate 4 Water" partners with existing initiatives at a river basin level, bringing an entrepreneurial aspect to unite energies, encourage action in order to seek together how to change our daily life to preserve this essential and vital resource: freshwater



Cultural and economical events descend a river from its source to its delta. In every major city along the river, scientists, entrepreneurs, associations, artists, schools, men, and women rally around free events, including "Innovate 4 Water" marketplaces.



The initiatives are being implemented in collaboration with local organisations and local communities in order to address local needs and ensure local engagement and ownership. Furthermore, by engaging with a range of local stakeholders from the public and private sectors, as well as with civil society and research organizations, the initiatives aim at tackling the need for cooperative management approaches from all relevant angles in order to boost resilience to hydro political stress as well as climate change and to ensure the viability of all neighbour communities well into the future.


All rivers from their sources to their deltas cover a wide range of economic, social, and environmental situations and issues. The initiatives benefit directly or indirectly the vast majority of the population of the basins.

"Innovate 4 Water" brings an entrepreneurial dimension
to leading and promising river basin initiatives.


Voix du fleuve, voie de la paix
The voices of the river, pathway to peace
Initiated and managed by
Geneva Water Hub


Eau·Tour du Rhône
from its source to its delta
Initiated and managed by