"Innovate 4 Water" : A market-place forum for sustainable development in Zambia


19-20 June 2019 | Lusaka
Unlocking capital to support the growth of small and medium scale WASH entrepreneurs in Zambia
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Introduction and key note address

Franck Barroso
Christian Kingombe
4IP Group
Nicolas Lorne
Edgar Mulwanda
Director Public Health Lusaka City Council
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ENTREPRENEURS pitching session - Innovative water business

ENTREPRENEURS pitching session - Innovations business on sanitation

Chischa Kimusiku
Christopher Mongo
Access Water for Zambia
Global Empowers
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Paseka Lesolang
WHC Water, Hygiene, Convenience
Christopher Chilongo
Total Water Environmental Solutions
Milton Bucholter
Crystal Clear Consulting & Merchants Pty Ltd
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PANEL DISCUSSION - Financing & investment opportunities in the WASH sector

ENTREPRENEURS pitching session - Innovations business on sanitation

Christopher Mongo
Access Water for Zambia
Thomas Meyer
DEG Investment
Mercy Zulu Hume
Carmen Brubacher
Moses Nyanga
Matiza Altima Solutions
Yunike Phiri
Amicus Zambia Limited
Murtaza Malik
Laura Roig Senge
Lelemba Phiri
Africa Trust Group
Robin Farrington
GIZ Zambia
Anna Cestari
World Bank
Austin Mwape
National Advisory Board for Impact Investment
Paseka Lesolang
WHC Water, Hygiene, Convenience
James Blewett
PEP Zambia
Wala Chabala
Economic Policy and Strategy Consultant
Cuthbert Malindi
Eiah Capital
Milton Bucholter
Crystal Clear Consulting & Merchants Pty Ltd
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InterContinental Hotel

Lusaka, Zambia


Intended audience:


  • SMEs and multinational companies with interest in the WASH sector

  • Utilities or civil engineering

  • Investors (banking, asset management, private banking, corporates, venture capital, private equity)

  • WASH institutions (foundations, coalitions, associations)

  • Non-government and governmental organisations, national and local

  • Universities / incubators / research institutions

Participants will pitch about:

  • Market based solutions

  • Social entrepreneurship

  • Impact investing

  • Water, sanitation and related development issues, with a focus on the Southern African region

  • Sustainable Development Goals

  • Access to basic services for low income populations

  • Business and human rights

  • Blended finance

  • Circular economy

  • Decentralized business models

"Innovate 4 water" : A matchmaking forum for sustainable development


Zambia's recognition of the importance of the water and sanitation sector in its economic development and in the reduction of poverty is evidenced by the central role that water and sanitation is given in the Country's medium-term development plan, the Seventh National Development Plan (SNDP) (2017 - 2021) and the long-term plan, the National Vision 2030. Water supply and Sanitation is one of the seven sectors targeted for "priority expenditure" in the SNDP, alongside agriculture, health, education, infrastructure (roads) and public order and safety. It also contributes to the achievement of SDG of halving the proportion of people without access to safe water and sanitation by 2030.


In this context, in order to contributing to closing the visibility gap between entrepreneurs, investors and enablers in the “Water Nexus”, 4IP Group and Waterpreneurs are co-organizing the marketplace

«Innovate 4 Water» Lusaka 2019

Unlocking capital to support the growth of small and medium scale WASH entrepreneurs in Zambia

This event will leverage the joint experience of 4IP Group and Waterpreneurs with its series Innovate 4 Water.



The event has four main objectives:

  1. Promote the transfer of innovative “Water Nexus” technologies and innovative business models in emerging markets and developing countries; Leverage the interest of entrepreneurs who innovate, including with disruptive technologies and social business models, thus contributing to SDG 6. Promote climate smart water and sanitation technologies including water recycling and reuse

  2. Facilitate connections for deal-making: Create visibility for entrepreneurs in the “Water Nexus” sectors in order to enable them to reach impact investors;

  3. Consolidate local ecosystems, building up meaningful relationships; Facilitate connections to catalyse collaborations: Give visibility to organisations presenting their needs and/or current projects (impact funds, coalitions, innovative public/private models, new financial vehicles) to potential service providers (social entrepreneurs, “Water Nexus” and technology experts, etc) partners and investors. Form sustainable collaborations in adapting suitable innovations in combating threat paused by climate change in the “Water Nexus” sectors.

  4. Support the national and/or regional strategy of public authorities towards tackling access to safe water and sanitation for all.


The format of the event will be a marketplace forum to accommodate 80-100 people. The setup will be dynamic enough to foster meaningful interactions between participants. There will mainly be short pitches and networking discussions.

  • The forum will feature selected organisations working in the "Water Nexus" sector, impact investing, social entrepreneurship and UN agencies. A large segment of the forum will be dedicated to organizations presenting their water technology needs to potential providers, partners and investors.


  • There will be several sessions covering relevant topics in an interactive format composed of two elements:

    • Public and private organisations pitching their needs and/or projects (5 min / pitches)

    • Networking & B2B sessions

The main objective of the «Innovate 4 Water» forums is to aid in closing the SDG6 gap by focusing on scaling-up the impact of smart, for-profit social enterprises/ solutions providers, and by providing those enterprises with opportunities to network not only with impact investors but also with a range of organisations such as water utilities, government agencies, and development banks. The forums are designed to provoke major systemic change and to consolidate investment ecosystems in the shortest possible time.

“Innovate 4 Water” is fundamentally different from usual conferences. Participants are curated to bring value to each other. The format is based on ALL participants being active, through a series of short pitches in which all participants have the opportunity to present their activities in order to gain visibility with other stakeholders of the sector as well as increase collaboration and business opportunities.


To do so, we provide the opportunity to all participants (entrepreneurs, corporations, investors, enablers…) to:

  1. Pitch their activity in a short pitch format in front of the full audience

  2. Have a small exhibition space available within a marketplace to display flyers, prototypes or a roll-up banner


  • Inclusive sanitation (female and child friendly)      

  • Waste and reuse recycling

  • Faecal sludge management

  • Safe Water Enterprises (SWE)

  • Off-grid and smart technologies

  • Public-Private Partnerships

  • Role of government and regulations

  • Impact investment finance

  • Strenghtening enabling environment

  • Reinforcing the capacity of entrepreneurs


June 18



Coaching speakers

June 19


African Investments’ session showcasing SME’s and entrepreneurs to investors





Pitch by enablers and investors

-Networking break-

Pitch by entrepreneurs

Closing plenary

June 20


Key note address and panel discussions

-Networking break-

Pitch by entrepreneurs





Pitch by enablers and investors

-Networking break-

Pitch by entrepreneurs

Closing plenary

June 21



Field visit


4IP Group is currently an independent and privately held multifaceted development consulting and financial advisory firm formed to prove that investing for financial return and positive social and environmental impact is not only possible, but the future of investing.

4IP Group is an international group of change makers working towards quickly becoming a leading financial advisory company for People-First PPPs and impact investment as well as a market reference with Africa focus and global outreach. 

4IP Group bridges the gap between finance and development, carving out a third space for global social and environmental solutions to deliver performance with purpose to investors across all types of investments.

Waterpreneurs is a global « for impact » initiative based in Geneva that promotes a world in which water resources management and governance secure human rights and sustainable development to everyone, leaving no one behind. In particular, Waterpreneurs support the scaling-up of impact investments financing the growth of ethical water and sanitation enterprises who are offering responsible services in priority to the underprivileged populations. The global roll-out of the "Innovate 4 Water" marketplace series is Waterpreneurs' flagship activity. "Innovate 4 Water" brings together dynamic ecosystems of local in-countries trustworthy entrepreneurs, investors, and enablers who are mainstreaming water and sanitation impactful responsible service delivery projects.


Christian Kingombe

4IP Group

ckingombe [@]

Franck Barroso


franck.barroso [@]