"Innovate 4 Water" - a marketplace for sustainable development
5-7 August 2020 | Brisbane
Australia’s contribution to strengthen water nexus sectors in the Asia-Pacific region


What is the marketplace about?

Innovate 4 Water” is two days of matchmaking, bringing together solutions and needs, curated into investment focussed themes.

The design and delivery of “Innovate 4 Water” is unique and effective because the marketplace:  

  • is outcome oriented 

  • has 100% active participation 

  • is highly curated 

  • has a business-networking focus.


Innovate 4 Water” organisers, in conjunction with Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, will coach participants on the day before the marketplace. We will also run a special pitching session for start-ups on the day after the marketplace. 


Why “Innovate 4 Water”?

Innovate 4 Water” marketplace fosters interactions between global and local players from the private sector, the public sector and the civil society to shift financing towards innovative impactful local solutions. 


What are the expected outcomes?

Strong reinforcement of the local ecosystems around water resource management, WASH and the water nexus. The marketplace accelerates commercially sustainable change by: 

  • creating visibility to established technological solutions and business models, local solution providers and local investors 

  • attracting higher levels of blended investments outside of donor and aid funding 

  • transferring water sector and water-dependent knowledge and innovation 

  • forming meaningful partnerships and cross-sectoral collaborations 

  • driving economic growth and improving access to water and sanitation in the targeted region.


Intended audience:

  • SMEs and multinational companies with interest in the water nexus sector

  • utilities and civil engineering

  • primary and manufacturing industries

  • investors (banking, asset management, private banking, corporates, venture capital, private equity)

  • water nexus institutions (foundations, coalitions, associations)

  • non-government and governmental organisations, national and local

  • universities / incubators / research institutions



The marketplace was fast paced, delivered in two days with 120 participants. The marketplace design was fundamentally different from typical conferences. The “Innovate 4 Water” effective design and the detail in their execution always aimed to facilitate connections and collaborations to bring maximum value to each participant. Its key characteristics were:

  • participation by invitation or recommendation only, to achieve the best matchmaking outcome and maximum impact during and after the marketplace

  • choice of solutions providers focused on financial viability and scalability

  • coaching of marketplace participants prior to each marketplace to deliver effective pitches


COVID-19 restrictions require logistical adjustment to the delivery mode of the “Innovate 4 Water” Forum. For the Brisbane event in August 2020, International WaterCentre and Waterpreneurs are embedding the following changes:

  • limiting the number of face-to face attendees

  • introducing COVID-19 Safe measures for physical attendance, including 4m2 per person space provision, and physical distancing, and hygiene protocol monitoring

  • implementing an “Innovate 4 Water” risk management plan with a focus on COVID-19 Safe compliance

  • increasing activities in the lead up and post event

  • delivering the forum via an industry leading virtual networking platform, combining live streaming and virtual events software for immersive, close to real time experience, remote participation. The platform is specifically designed for networking and will enable a mix of physical and virtual audience participation.

  • ensuring sufficient technical support on site during the forum for smooth flow of sessions and participant interaction other features of the platform include: real-time video networking, trackable interactions, playback of presentations, post-event access and follow-up networking, virtual reality interactivity, easy connection and networking features (including LinkedIn connectivity)


You can engage as a solution provider: an entrepreneur, an investor, a government representative, or a sponsor. “Innovate 4 Water” is a curated event and participation in the event is by invitation only. To engage, you need to follow three steps.

Step 1

If you would like to participate as an entrepreneur, investor, government representative or sponsor and would like to present a pitch of a solution or need please click here and follow the instructions of the registration form.


Step 2

If you have indicated your interest to present your pitch, follow the links on the registration form to complete your pitch. If you have questions about how to complete the pitch, please contact us at

After your pitch is finalised and submitted, we will contact you to complete the screening process.


Step 3

Once you have been accepted into the event, you will be given instructions for purchasing participant tickets

Contact for more information or questions.


The following topics, which reflect current sector priorities, will be the focus of the marketplace:

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Version 04 August 2020 - final programme

  • Access to over 3 days of interactive activities

  • Special lead up sessions in 3D interactive environment

  • Post event scale up activities

  • Access to dedicated networking sessions

  • Opportunity to pitch (5min) during the event (if presentation is received before the 2 weeks prior the marketplace)

  • Opportunity to have a virtual “table” at the event

  • Possibility to participate in the coaching session prior the marketplace

  • Possibility to participate in the start-up pitching session led by the Office of Queensland Chief Entrepreneur on the day after

  • Potential exposure to international investor and market networks, through the opportunity to apply for the Solar Impulse Foundation -Efficient Solutions Label.


The Precinct - Level 2/315 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006.

With a vision to create water leaders for the future, the Australian-based International WaterCentre (IWC) fosters innovative thinking in the water sector to build the capacity of water professionals, globally and in Australia, to lead the changes needed in the water sector.


Based in Switzerland, Waterpreneurs is a global for-impact organisation  supporting the scaling-up of impact investments financing the growth of “water nexus” businesses. 


Waterpreneurs mobilises versatile expertise and a global network of key stakeholders, locally, around the 5 continents.

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