BEIRUT - 2020

"Innovate 4 Water" in Lebanon
October 2020 | Beirut
Co-creating solutions for Lebanon

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A marketplace forum for sustainable development


The “Innovate 4 Water” forum supports the Philippines’s future vision of being a vibrant, prosperous community and it presents a key opportunity to support the state strategies.

The following outputs are expected in the short to medium term:

  • Mutual visibility between local solution providers and local investors.

  • Creation of an environment of trust that allows cross-sector collaboration.

  • Improved understanding of financially viable relevant business models and the benefits of social and environmental impact.

  • Built capacity in the entrepreneurial community.

  • Strengthened impact investment market in a given region and de-risking of market-based projects.

  • Creation of local integrated approaches (i.e. coalitions, consortia) accelerating the financing of the sector.

  • Action-oriented partnerships formed for impactful implementation, market-based solution-driven networks created.


The expected outcomes are the following:

  • Increased private sector investing in the water-related industries in the region.

  • Increased development of water infrastructure, services, supply chain and human capital in the region.

  • Improved water security for all in the region.

Improved sustainable use and management of safe and secure water resources in the region.


Merchants/solutions providers:

  • Government policy makers active in the water and sanitation sector.

  • SMEs operating in the water and sanitation sector.

  • Multinational companies with interests in the water and sanitation sector.

  • Sources of finance, including development finance institutions, commercial banks, institutional investors, investment promotion agencies and networks and impact investors.

  • Water institutions (foundations, coalitions, NGOs).

  • International organizations, national and local governments.

  • Universities / incubators / research institutions.

  • Eminent personalities of the water and finance sectors.




The event will be dynamic, interactive and innovative, consisting of plenary sessions and presentations, short pitches and networking discussions, exhibition and an award ceremony with an extra day for training sessions. Importantly, plenary sessions and presentations will be dedicated to facilitating connections between the participating stakeholders, with a focus on concrete projects in the field to ensure equality of status, rights and opportunities for all presenters – those in the entrepreneurial community, and investors. An exhibition marketplace will be available during the whole event, with selected organisations presenting their activities, innovations, technologies and projects. This marketplace will be used for active networking. To ensure the event has the broadest impact and reach, sessions will be recorded and documented for post-event marketing and media amplification.


There are breaks of 45min in a Marketplace format (small booth for entrepreneurs and relevant organisations) to facilitate interactions and discussions.


Tentative programme


Day 0 (closed meeting - optional)

  • Coaching for presenters


​Day 1


  • Pitches (5 min) by donors, investors and solutions providers

  • Networking and matchmaking sessions

Day 2 (closed meeting - by invitation only)

  • Pitches by selected enablers and service providers

  • Networking and matchmaking sessions

Day 3 (optional)

  • Field visit

In Bangladesh, the emphasis will be put on the following priorities of the region:

  • †Reduce the demand-supply gap through demand-side efficiency measures.

  • †Water governance: adopt a participatory, demand driven and inclusive approach in all stages of water service delivery, building on the Bangladesh multi-stakeholder platform.

  • †Nexus approach: strengthen links between sectors with water interdependencies (sanitation, agriculture, health, energy etc.).

  • †Protect human health and water supply and sanitation facilities from the adverse impact of natural and manmade disasters and climate change. Improve surface water quality through wastewater treatment.

  • †Public private partnership approach on water management. Promote Integrated Water Resources Management.

  • †Promoting entrepreneurship, job creation and transfer of innovative and relevant water and sanitation technology at inclusive business model (including smart technologies, blockchain etc.).

  • Microfinance approach on small scale water business. Recognise importance of gender in all water activities.




Dhaka, Bangladesh (venue TBC)


Based in Switzerland, Waterpreneurs is a global for-impact organisation, supporting the scaling-up of impact investments financing the growth of “water nexus” businesses, operating in developing countries.

Waterpreneurs brings extensive knowledge of the sector, impact investing and facilitation of marketplaces. In June 2017, in Geneva, Switzerland, Waterpreneurs initiated the "Innovate 4 Water" series of marketplace forums, with a global plan to expand to other regions (over the next ten years) with a focus on cities leading in the fields of water and sanitation, entrepreneurship and innovation, and impact finance.

In 2018 and 2019, 6 other “Innovate 4 Water” forums have been organised in Africa (Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia) and in Europe (Switzerland). Ongoing discussions are taking place to accelerate the expansion of the program globally.



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