"Innovate 4 Water" : A market-place forum for sustainable development in Nigeria

A unique opportunity to present your activities and develop collaboration with a curated set of stakeholders in the water and sanitation ecosystem locally

November 27, 2018 | Abuja
The role of private sector in providing innovative solutions to the water and sanitation sector in Nigeria

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Examples of pitches

A wide range of diverse entrepreneurs presented business opportunities.


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"Innovate 4 water" : A matchmaking forum for sustainable development


“Innovate 4 Water” in Abuja brought together diverse water stakeholders (e.g. entrepreneurs, investors, large and small companies, ICT companies, agribusiness sector, non-governmental organizations, UN agencies, incubators) that are contributing toward the achievement of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: Clean water and sanitation for all people.


This event leveraged the joint experience of Zenith Projects water Ltd. and Waterpreneurs with its series Innovate 4 Water.



The “Innovate 4 Water” forum is a concept curated for the following reasons;

  • To match-make all water stakeholders (water entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, NGOs, Donor agencies)

  • To foster development & and innovation in water technology & engineering

  • To promote business models that will help deliver on the vision of sanitation, hygiene and water for all in west Africa

  • To bring all water stakeholders in the region together to catalyze beneficial collaborations

  • To create awareness about the need for sanitation, hygiene and water for everyone in the region



The format of the event was a demo of a marketplace forum with 50 people. The setup was dynamic enough to foster meaningful interactions between participants. There was mainly short pitches and networking discussions, and the event will be well recorded/documented for post-event televising and media publicity.

  • The forum has featured selected organisations working in the WASH sector, impact investing, social entrepreneurship and UN agencies. A large segment of the forum was dedicated to organizations presenting their water technology needs to potential providers, partners and investors.


  • There was several sessions covering relevant topics in an interactive format composed of two elements:

    • Public and private organisations pitching their needs and/or projects (5 min / pitches)

    • Networking & B2B sessions

  • Facilitated  discussions around specific themes explored pain points, synergies and facilitate connections between entrepreneurs with innovative WASH technologies, investors and other key stakeholders.




  • SMEs and multinational companies with interest in the WASH sector

  • Utilities or civil engineering

  • Investors (banking, asset management, private banking, corporates, venture capital, private equity)

  • WASH institutions (foundations, coalitions, associations)

  • Non-government and governmental organisations, national and local

  • Universities / incubators / research institutions

Participants pitched about:

  • Market based solutions

  • Social entrepreneurship

  • Impact investing

  • Water, sanitation and related development issues, with a focus on the Eastern African region

  • Sustainable Development Goals

  • Access to basic services for low income populations

  • Business and human rights

  • Blended finance

  • Circular economy

  • Decentralized business models

Entrepreneurs, Investors and Key Enablers
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NAF Conference Centre - Abuja

496 Ahmadu Bello Way, Garki 2, Abuja, Nigeria


ZENITH WATER PROJECTS LTD (ZWPL) operates in Africa, as an innovative solution provider to water challenges in developing countries, with special focus on designs/fabrication of water purification and distribution infrastructure for municipal, industrial, rural and domestic uses.

ZWPL specialize in Reverse osmosis, desalination plants membranes
technologies, iron oxidation, ion exchange and separation processes. To curb sanitation and hygiene challenges, ZWPL offers inexpensive alternatives for wastewater treatment and disposal utilizing the High-Speed Bio Tec - MBBR – systems. Every ZWPL on-site turnkey plant is designed with simple functionality in mind; ensuring ease of installation and maintenance.


Waterpreneurs is a global “for-impact organization” supporting the scaling-up of impact investments financing the growth of water and sanitation (WASH) enterprises operating in developing countries, and respecting human rights. 

Waterpreneurs fosters interactions between global players from the private sector, the public sector and from civil society to direct finance toward impact projects in the communities, with the main objective to foster local ecosystem consolidation. Waterpreneurs has created the Marketplace forum “Innovate 4 Water”. “Innovate 4 Water” Marketplace forum is not a conference. It is a dynamic and interactive Marketplace forum where entrepreneurs, investors and enablers meet and thrive.



Dr. Nicholas Igwe

Zenith Water Projects



Brieux Michoud