Innovate 4 Water

A marketplace forum for sustainable development
Building bridges between the private sector and all the other key stakeholders leveraging water nexus opportunities

"Innovate 4 Water" marketplaces bring together dynamic ecosystems of water nexus* stakeholders - small-scale and large service providers, youth and women entrepreneurs, impact investors, governmental and non-governmental organizations, UN agencies, incubators, accelerators etc - to build dynamic local ecosystems who can channel responsible finance towards job creation in impactful solutions, thus contributing to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

- Human rights - Scaling-up - Impact investing - Entrepreneurship - Water & sanitation (WASH), food and energy nexus - Transversal innovation - Communication technologies integration - Sustainable cities - Marketplaces - Investment promotion - Ecosystems consolidation - United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Accelerate 2030 -



*Water nexus includes water, sanitation, hygiene, agriculture, energy, health and other sectors with water dependencies.


Global roll-out